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"Golden Dolphin" Moscow International Festival Festival is main event of the year in the country's "water life". This is a symbiosis of the art, sport, tourism and recreation. The event unites active water rest professionals and enthusiasts under one roof.

Annually, every February our Festival gathers approximately 300 participants and 23000 visitors from all regions of Russia and foreign countries.

"Golden Dolphin" originality is that in one most prestigious show-floor just 150 meters from the Red Square guests can take participation in several complementary events at once (look summation).

This rare conjunction allows attracting wide society groups to the Festival. Divers and freedivers, spearfishermen and fishermen, equipment manufacturing and providing companies, representatives of dive centers, fishing bases and tourist companies, ministries of tourism from various countries; photographers and operators, artists and sculptors, fashion designers and, actors and musicians, producers and critics – everybody gathers here!

Guests and participants of the "Golden Dolphin" will be able to visit:

Specialized selling exhibition of goods and services for diving, spearfishing, trophy fishing, active water rest and tourism services,

where leading world brands and distribution companies of of equipment for diving, underwater photo and video shooting, spearfishing, trophy fishing and water rest will introduce novelties of their production.

Every guest will be able to touch and buy everything related to water rest, whether they are flippers or massive yacht, visit master classes of leading sportsmen and maestros of native cinema and photo shooting.

Every year on the Festival: equipment manufacturers will sale their production from previous season with the considerable discounts.

Guest will be also provided with the hot "first hand" proposals of this season – tour operators, air carriers, cruise companies and health resorts, hotels and fishing bases. Everyone can find a proposal for own taste: if he like fishing in comfort in Russia or aboard; set on journey or just astound others with dashing turns on high speed. All information about the year round travels: standard tours or exclusive, unique proposals, excursions, child recreation, club tourism, VIP cruises, water and land safaris. Insurance.

Largest in West Europe underwater cinema Festival

Cinema and photo Festival "Golden Dolphin" is annual holiday and a unique opportunity to watch the underwater glory amenities by means of photography and cinema. A permanent photo exposition and cinema hall are open and provides guests with the set of more than 300 photos and approximately 80 cinemas from 25 countries. Photographers and cameramen from all Russia and foreign gathers here to communicate with interesting people, visit master classes, discuss new cinemas with the advisors from various companies and, certainly, to visit awarding ceremony and find out names of the best photographer and cameraman of the year.


Water Fashion Week (WFW)


During the 2010 Festival the Gostiny Dvor for the first time turned into an epicenter of "water fashion" life of the capital. And as things go on such "fashion weeks", were shown new «hote couture» and «prêt-a-porte» exhibitions for divers, freedivers, fishermen, spearfishermen and other active conquerors of the waters. Presentations of "winter-summer-2010" collections by the scores of "water fashion houses" were presented for the guests' attention.


Russian National "Underwater World" award


Russian National "Underwater World" awarding ceremony is traditionally held at the Main stage during the first Festival day.

Award nominee – Russian scientists, sportsmen, diving physicians, writers, diving instructors, diving trainers, clubs directors, dive centers, divers, archeologists, businessmen and public figures.


Non-stop Introdive


A six meter pool is planted right on the Festival's ground. Anyone can make their own first dive under the responsive guidance of certified divers – Valdis Pelsh, Yana Churikova and MTV VJ Artem Korolyev and feel self like a true professional.


Underwater Arm Wrestling and Sea Fight


A "Star Battle" is already traditional event of the Festival. Year in year out Valdis Pelsh fighting with worthy opponents in the pool. During the Festival history they were Andrei Makarevich, Alexander Pryanikov, Marina Kazankova, Oskar Kuchera and Alexei Vorobyov.


Cooking Contest

This contest is especially popular among our guests. In 2009 unprecedented show with Nadejda Babkina and senior chef from five-star Philippines restaurant was held. Nadejda Georgievna (Babkina) wined with Russian "blini" pancakes.

In 2010 cooking battle happened between XXVIII Athena Olympic judo bronze medalist Dmitriy Nosov and 2004 Culinary World Cup bronze medalist Gennadiy Suharev.


Adventure Island


Children are an ornament of any event. We care for children and their parents!

Every year on the Festival there is some new entertainments for children: Child Island with the real sand and pool, slides, inflatable castles, painting contests. In 2010 at the playing ground Nintendo company has presented demo-units, where one can play on various consoles and receive answers for all questions from first hands.


Concert schedule


Every evening an entertaining schedule will take place on the main stage. Festival canonic live-concerts: Garik Sukachev and "Neprikasaemie" ("Untouchables") band, Alexey Kortnev and "Neschastniy Sluchay" ("Unfortunate Event") band, Maxim Leonidov, Alyona Sviridova, Andrey Makarevich with "Creole Tango" band, "Mango-Mango", " Billy`s Band"...

In the 2010 Festival Friday evening has ended with Alexander F. Sklyar's concert.

We invite you to the largest event dedicated to the active water rest!

Underwater Photo Exibition - Eilat Red Sea in Moscow
50 year anniversary of Cave Diving Conference

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