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Page Turners 4: All About The Music ru content about festival info html page 4
Page Turners is a 12-level series of original readers for learners of English. Fun and easy to read, this is a series you won't want to put down! Genre include Action, Romance, Thriller, Crime, Mystery, Drama, and more Includes an additional non-fiction
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Virginia  DeBolt Integrated HTML and CSS. A Smarter, Faster Way to Learn ru content about festival info html page 4
Almost all web designers use Cascading Sheets to control the presentation of the websites they construct out of HTML. Why learn one and then the other when you can just as easily—and much more effectively—learn both at the same time? This book's integrated approach speeds your progress and leaves you with a stronger, more cohesive set of skills. Inside, you'll learn about: Writing well-structured HTML for use by any web-capable device Designing page layouts using CSS Controlling fonts, colors, backgrounds, borders, and margins Using lists to create attractive, button-like menus Using images as backgrounds, links, page content, and decoration Creating and styling forms Personalizing your weblog Understanding and applying design and usability principles Publishing and testing your pages Validating your code Making pages accessible to all visitors Throughout the book you'll find real-world examples of effective CSS-based pages. Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.
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HTML, XHTML and CSS For Dummies, 7th Edition ru content about festival info html page 4
What the book covers: the key features of HTML including getting to know (X)HTML and CSS, creating and viewing a Web page, planning your site, creating (X)HTML document structure, working with text and lists, creating and customizing links, finding and using images, using cascading style sheets (CSS), getting creative with colors and fonts, integrating scripts with (X)HTML, understanding deprecated HTML markup tags, working with content management systems (WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla), designing for mobile devices (iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android), getting started with HTML5 and CSS3, and much more. Updated coverage: the seventh edition will have approximately 50% new content and will be thoroughly revised to cover the latest concepts, tools, and trends in the industry. Series features: Information presented in the straightforward but fun language that has defined the Dummies series for more than nineteen years.
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Mike  Wooldridge Creating Web Pages Simplified ru content about festival info html page 4
The easiest way to learn how to create a Web page for your family or organization Do you want to share photos and family lore with relatives far away? Have you been put in charge of communication for your neighborhood group or nonprofit organization? A Web page is the way to get the word out, and Creating Web Pages Simplified offers an easy, visual way to learn how to build one. Full-color illustrations and concise instructions take you through all phases of Web publishing, from laying out and formatting text to enlivening pages with graphics and animation. This easy-to-follow visual guide shows you the building blocks of a Web page and how to work with images, create links and forms, generate dynamic content using JavaScript, use style sheets, and publish a page on the Web. You'll learn to use HTML, create simple yet attractive Web pages, and enhance them with frames, multimedia effects, links, and more. Features full-color illustrations with step-by-step instructions Covers everything you need to get started, including how to use HTML, how to lay out pages and format text, and how to add graphics and visual effects Shows how to make your pages more interesting with animation and sound, add links to other sites, include e-mail addresses, and more Includes a tear card with HTML tag references and a web-safe color chart to keep handy as you build your pages If you've ever thought about building a web page, Creating Web Pages Simplified is simply the easiest way to make it happen.
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Off the Page – Writers Talk About Beginnings, Endings and Everything in Between ru content about festival info html page 4
Off the Page – Writers Talk About Beginnings, Endings and Everything in Between
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HTML5 24-Hour Trainer (+ DVD-ROM) ru content about festival info html page 4
Comprehensive written and interactive instruction for learning HTML5 HTML is the core technology for building websites. Today, with HTML5 opening the Internet to new levels of rich content and dynamic interactivity, developers are looking for information to learn and utilize HTML5. HTML5 24-Hour Trainer provides that information, giving new and aspiring web developers the knowledge they need to achieve early success when building websites. Covers the most basic aspects of a web page, including a brief introduction to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS); Provides lessons that are backed up by professionally created training videos and interactive content to fully illustrate the dynamic nature of HTML5 and the Internet, while also providing a full learning experience; Combines easy-to-follow lessons with expertly crafted training videos to provide you with both written and interactive instruction for learning HTML5; Written by bestselling author Joseph Lowery and with video content created by well-known multimedia and eLearning producer Mark Fletcher, HTML5 24-Hour Trainer brings the new features of HTML5 and the Internet to life unlike any other resource. Note: As part of the print version of this title, video lessons are included on DVD. For e-book versions, video lessons can be accessed at wrox.com using a link provided in the interior of the e-book.
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Page Turners 4: Trust ru content about festival info html page 4

Page Turners 4: Trust

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Page Turners 4: Trust ru content about festival info html page 4
Sandra Marks isn't enjoying her new role as editor of The Brenton Sun, her college's online newspaper. Felipe, one of her reporters, isn't too happy about Sandra beating him to the job . . . and he makes sure she knows it. Worse still, she is faced with h
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HTML5 and CSS3 For Dummies ru content about festival info html page 4
What the book covers:  The book covers what developers and designers both need to know to create beautiful and functional websites with HTML5 and CSS3. True to the For Dummies promise, the book helps the reader master the basics to really use the technologies without getting bogged down in unnecessary, superflous information. Design considerations:  The book features all the hallmarks of the For Dummies series - friendly, approachable, reliable, accurate modular reference content - presented in a refreshed design with an eye towards the visually-engaging. The book will be presented in 4-color and will have 2-page image spreads with ample space for infographics and website images, larger figures throughout, option for step lists with a figure for each step, color code when applicable, modular and unique layout elements that will be used at the author and editors choice to help reinforce key concepts, muted colors, updated icons and sidebar presentations and more.
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Ed  Tittel HTML, XHTML and CSS For Dummies ru content about festival info html page 4
The indispensable introductory reference guide to HTML, XHTML and CSS Even though new technologies enable people to do much more with the Web, in the end HTML, XHTML and CSS are still at the root of any Web site. The newest edition of this bestselling guide is fully updated and revised for the latest technology changes to the field, including HTML5 and CSS3. Illustrated in full color, this book provides beginner and advanced coders the tools they need to be proficient at these programming languages. Shows you how to create a Web page and formulate XHTML document structure Addresses working with content management systems (WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla), and designing for mobile devices (iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android) Introduces HTML5 and CSS3, tools critical to mobile Web development Reviews working with text, lists, and images, and customizing links Demonstrates ways to employ cascading style sheets (CSS) and get creative with colors and fonts Details integrating scripts with XHTML and understanding deprecated HTML markup tags Written by two veteran computer whizzes, HTML, XHTML and CSS For Dummies will help you get the design results you want!
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Stylish Memo Pad Scheduler (About 160-Page) ru content about festival info html page 4
Plastic cover & paper material - Includes about 160 sheets
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Rob  Huddleston HTML, XHTML, and CSS. Your visual blueprint for designing effective Web pages ru content about festival info html page 4
If you’ve ever been curious about any of the multitude of internet acronyms, the web technologies they represent, and how they can benefit you, this book is a great place to start. This book covers all the necessary topics to get up and running with HTML, XHTML, and CSS while offering readers a guide to modern, standards-based design. Key tasks covered in the book include setting up a Web page, reducing image resolution, creating radio buttons, adding a hit counter, adding an embedded sound, adding content from other sites such as integrating a blog and creating an RSS feed. Large topics are broken into smaller, more approachable sub-topics that are clearly explained on two pages eliminating the back and forth page flipping required in other references. Arranged so that skills build progressively throughout the book coupled with bold page headers it is simple to flip through and easily find any section or topic you are looking for. Understandable with straightforward terms that avoid intimidating and unexplained jargon, this is a book that will benefit complete novices and advanced users alike. While primarily focused on the technologies outlined in the title, this book goes on to provide tips on integrating with Google, Flickr, social bookmark sites and even creating and implementing RSS feeds. Rest assured, each of these technologies is explained with the benefits of each outlined. A serious resource that quickly and concisely gets to the point, this book helps you gain real skills that will have you online in short order. Best of all, you can be confident that you are doing so the right way. HTML, XHTML, and CSS: Your visual blueprint™ for designing effective Web pages offers visual learners a solid reference that employs straight forward examples to teach you to create and design Web pages with impact. «Apply It» and «Extra» sidebars highlight useful tips and high-resolution screen shots clearly illustrate each task while succinct explanations walk you through the examples. The associated website contains all the needed code to learn HTML.
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Bud Smith E. Creating Web Pages For Dummies ru content about festival info html page 4
It’s easy to design, build, and post a Web page with Google Page Creator or CoffeeCup HTML Editor, but a friendly guide still comes in handy. Creating Web Pages For Dummies®, 9th Edition introduces you to Web design software and online page-building tools, and walks you through the process in record time. Like its previous editions, this book gives you the skinny on getting Web pages up and running with the least amount of hassle. But not just ho-hum Web pages! Yours will look fantastic and be easy to build, and you’ll even get a trial version of CoffeeCup HTML Editor and visual design tools on the bonus CD. You’ll learn to: Get a simple page designed and online by the end of Chapter 3 Optimize photos, video, and audio for the Web and get them onto your page Register for a Google account and use the versatile Google Page Creator Build pages using basic HTML or CoffeeCup HTML Editor Identify and apply elements of design, avoid common errors, and create pages that get noticed Maintain control by creating and editing pages in HTML with a text editor Understand how image file size affects your pages, how to upload photos to Flickr, and how to add sound and video files to your Web pages Develop your pages into a site with CoffeeCup HTML Editor and Visual Editor You’ll even find out more about blogging and Blogger.com. The trial software on the CD is for Windows, but the instructions for building great Web pages work on any system! Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.
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